PDF Automation Made Easy: Everything You Wanted to Know about Automation-and Need to Ask

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In fact, it should be the beginning.

Automation Made Easy Everything You Wanted to Know about Automation and Need to Ask

Make a good first impression by sending a series of welcome emails to show new customers that you value their business and care about supporting them. Staying in touch is effortless with automation software. Set up your software so that a purchase triggers an email series. In the first email, sent immediately after a purchase, include a thank you and an introduction to your company —whether that takes the form of answers to frequently asked questions or an overview of what your services entail.

Check in again shortly after the client has started using your product or services to see how they're doing. Include helpful content, like tips about using the product or a how-to video, or suggest complementary products that may be of interest. A few days later, solicit feedback by sending a survey or asking how your business could improve. Welcome emails have benefits beyond the warm and fuzzy kind.

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According to a study by Experian Marketing Services, welcome emails have an open rate of nearly 58 percent —compared with less than 15 percent for other promotional emails. Automation software encourages customers to buy and buy again—even if they forget to reorder, abandon a shopping cart, or let a credit card expire. You want a customer to buy again—and again and again, especially if you sell a recurring service or a product that needs to be replenished on a regular basis.

After all, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 to 70 percent —compared with 5 to 20 percent for a new prospect, according to the authors of the book Marketing Metrics. Be proactive by automating prompts for future sales. Automation software starts the clock when a sale is made, and sends a follow-up email after a predetermined length of time. In the email, include a link to the product so the customer can simply click and purchase without having to search around your website.

In these situations, automation offers a win-win: convenience for your customer, sales for you. In your email promoting a new product, you conveniently included a link to an order form to inspire on-the-spot purchases. A customer read the email. They clicked to place her order. And then That scenario plays out more often than not: Studies suggest two-thirds of online shoppers abandon shopping carts. Maybe the customer decided not to buy. When automation software detects that a customer visited an order form without making a purchase, it can remind customers to follow through.

You can schedule one reminder email to be sent 30 minutes later, with another reminder sent the following week. If you were ever one click away from buying shoes before you had second thoughts, you know that big retailers employ this strategy all the time. And for good reason: According to tech research service BI Intelligence, 63 percent of abandoned merchandise may be recoverable. When a customer changes or loses a credit card, your business might not have made his list of records to update.

Be proactive about collecting payment by establishing automated processes. For subscriptions and other fees collected on a recurring basis, set up a trigger for the software to notify you when a billing charge fails. The notification prompts you to reach out to the customer, allowing you to collect payment as soon as possible. Prevent some failed charges from happening in the first place by catching credit cards on the verge of expiration. Set up an automated process in which the software scans customer information stored in your client management system for credit cards due to expire in 30 days, triggering a reminder to reach out to customers about updating their cards.

Automation allows you to treat clients as you would if you had more time.

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Help clients immediately, respond to their feedback and even send wishes for a happy birthday. When a client needs help, nothing is more frustrating than a hard-to-find contact link and a slow-to-respond company. Six in ten consumers have decided against an intended purchase or business transaction because of poor customer service, according to a report prepared for American Express. When a client clicks the link, automation software tells you, or a predetermined staff member, to follow up.

With an automated process, the client receives a better, faster and more personalized answer than they would have by contacting a general phone number or email address. In the software, employee names can be added to a contact drop-down menu to ensure that to-dos are routed to the appropriate people. By assigning certain staff members to certain types of requests—a support rep for a technical issue, a salesperson for a prospect inquiry—you immediately connect the client to the person who can help the most.

In our overscheduled world, leads and clients need reminders about appointments—and reminders of reminders, too. The form prompts a sequence of emails: an appointment confirmation, followed by reminders in the days or hours prior to the appointment. If the client or lead cancels, the software will automatically notify you so you can follow up and reschedule. Still, the task of comparing calendars and manually scheduling appointments can consume hours of your day. To take automation a step further, consider using a scheduling tool that syncs with your Google Calendar. Using your business calendar, it allows leads and clients to view available times and schedule a meeting—making the appointment process completely automated.

Positive or negative, the results from a satisfaction survey can give you the information you need to improve your business. Find out what went wrong or what you could have done differently. The client loves your product or service? To replicate your success, find out why the product resonated with her. Using automation software, email a survey link to clients who recently made a purchase. Automate your follow-up accordingly. Set up the software so that a negative response triggers a task to contact the client via phone or email. Reaching out quickly can prevent further damage.

The majority of consumers give companies another chance after an initial poor customer service experience, but nearly 60 percent will switch companies after a second or third negative experience, according to a report prepared for American Express. If the response was positive, send an automated email to thank your client and ask if they'd be willing to tell you more about their experience. A story from a happy client can be rewarding—and not just emotionally. A client testimonial shared on your website with permission, of course can be a personal, powerful way to convey the value of your product or services.

Word-of-mouth is the most trusted form of advertising, with 84 percent of people saying they completely or somewhat trust recommendations from people they know, according to Nielsen. But sometimes, clients need a little reminder or an incentive to spread the word. Ask clients to give referrals by sending an automated email. To encourage them to take action, you might offer a small gift or coupon as a token of your appreciation. Why the old-school call? Emailing contacts without their direct permission puts your email at high risk of being flagged as spam, which could lead to your messages being blocked by inboxes.

Pick up the phone, then ask about opting in to your emails. All subscribers initially said they wanted your emails, but over time, some change their minds and become uninterested in reading them.

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Continuing to email them, anyway, can hinder you from reaching the people who want to hear from you. High engagement tells Gmail that people want your emails. If that trend continues, Gmail might label you a spammer and block all of your emails from inboxes.

With automation software, you can prune your list by targeting inactive subscribers. Because software tracks engagement metrics like opens, clicks, orders and web form opt-ins, you can single out subscribers who have been M. In the email, give readers the choice of two links. Spam reasons aside, email list hygiene is important for your marketing efforts. With automation software, the process takes only a moment. To retrieve a password, a client types her email address into a form on your website.

The form syncs with her contact record, which includes a password field. The client then receives an email containing her password, as well as a link to your login page. With automation software, remembering birthdays is a piece of cake.

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But before you can send a birthday message, you need dates. They enters their birthday, which the software adds to thre client's information in the client management system. Whether you tweet every day, create a Facebook event every week, or pin like crazy to display your new products on Pinterest, social media platforms provide a great way to stay in front of clients without bombarding them with emails.

But if a social media campaign is posted and no one sees it, did it even happen?

Automation Made Easy: Everything You Wanted to Know about Automation-and Need to Ask

Gaining fans and followers on social media is almost effortless with automation software. Send clients an automated invitation to check out one of your social profiles:.

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  • Add a P. Hosting an event keeps you busy enough. Let automation handle some of the details, like registrations, confirmations and promotion. Focus on the big picture by automating some of the most time-consuming tasks of event planning: sign-ups, confirmations and reminders.