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Being stunned by the political tidal wave flooding the country, the resignation of Hosni Mubarak and the phenomenon of having a curfew — something they had only heard of in World War II stories — the designers found themselves gazing from the sidelines, not knowing how exactly to react to all of this. Success and Uncertainty at San Seriffe in W, Amsterdam On Wednesday June 1st a lightbox was hung outside the Townhouse Gallery that announced the start of the project and showcased the first of twenty-one posters.

During the month of June , each day a new poster was presented, generating a growing exhibition. The content provided by both therefore created a clash of information that will influence the way one reads a poster. It was this constant dialogue between the designers that lead to "Success and Uncertainty. The film excerpts will be followed by a discussion on the role of ruin aesthetics in relation to the sites and non-places of urban modernity.

Mary Maclean and students in the project will hold a critical discussion of the work in the exhibition. Pursue Other Avenues is an experiment which takes the form of an open and public "exhibition making workshop". By showing the negotiation, research, and dialogue that typically finishes before the vernissage this experiment aims to give participants an understanding of artists and their work, greater to that of seeing a mere static display of material products.

This experiment views all participants as producers, audience, critics, and curators, and with the aid of Isabelle Krieg, Clare Kenny, and Flurin Bisig everyone present will contribute to the development of the exhibition process. This experiment will display the traditionally private stages of an exhibition—doing away with the traditionally public stage entirely.

Contrary to most exhibitions, Pursue Other Avenues will not be pure documentation of prior actions, discussions, or collaborations, but the exhibition will be the discourse and connections as they are created. Schedule: Monday May 28, 6pm-9pm Artists talks and open discussions.

Download PDF Die vergessenen Welten 09: Brüder des Dunkels (German Edition)

Tuesday May 29, 6pm-9pm part one- Connect and contrast the artists work. If new works were created what would they look like? Wednesday May 30, 6pm-9pm part one — Discuss space and the effect that different spaces would have on the artist and their works. Thursday May 31, 6pm-? Contact pursueotheravenues gmail.

Alphonse Allais, Album Primo-Avrilesque, David will introduce some historical artists' publications and trace one origin story for this genre of experimental books.

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It won't be a full history - maybe a one hour chapter from a 10 part drama mini-series - but there will be a lot of action and adventure. For a long time, Letterism — established by Isidore Isou — has remained the unknown avant-garde of European Post-war art. The display and accompanying lectures will ask the speculative, hypothetical question: what would be the result if these largely forgotten practices were reinscribed into the narrative of post-war poetry, art and cinema?

Metagraphics or post-writing , invented by Isodore Isou in , and four years later renamed hypergraphics or super-writing , aimed both at subverting the novel as it was known at the time, and at extending Letterist painting to the totality of characters of all writing systems in their existing or invented transcriptions, seen through their ideographic, lexical and alphabetic categories.

Nach seinem Auftritt als One-Man-Band an der 3. Musik der akustischen Art mit Folk-Anleihen, der eine sympathische Schrulligkeit eigen ist. Live kommt das Album nun in Trio-Formation zur Umsetzung.

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Als leises, kammermusikalisches Pop-Konzert. Juni bei spezialmaterial. Film: "Exit Through The Gift Shop" This is the inside story of Street Art - a brutal and revealing account of what happens when fame, money and vandalism collide. Exit Through the Gift Shop follows an eccentric shop-keeper turned amateur film-maker as he attempts to capture many of the world's most infamous vandals on camera, only to have a British stencil artist named Banksy turn the camcorder back on its owner with wildly unexpected results.

Nun ist es geschafft. Lesung und zwischen dazwischen und dazwischen und Photograph courtesy Jim Wood James Langdon will present an ongoing research project on the subject of the Construction School, an experimental design programme in Bristol, England to Program: pm James Langdon will give an illustrated presentation of his ongoing research into Norman Potter 's 'Construction School' at Bristol, to The presentation will include documentary audio and visual material to give an account of the nature and activities of the school.

The two guests will each make a short presentation of their own practice, followed by a conversation covering various subjects, including visual research methodologies, the ethics of 'activating' archival materials in artistic production, and the complexities of handling partial or subjective narratives. The play is deeply informed by Potter's experiences at Bristol and his reflections on the international student movement of What's in a band?

It's members. Can anyone be a member? Pretty much, yes. Well actually no, not really. Yes and no. If they come with the right attitude and make the existing members of the band feel good, then yes, otherwise no. How do the band members decide if the new person makes them feel good? Because the band members know each other, their likes and dislikes, and because there's intimacy and trust between them.

Maybe that's what makes a band?

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During this time they will make an album. Their stay will culminate in a performance to mark the release of the album on Friday the 6th of July. For this event they will be joined by the artist and musician Sara Nunes Fenandes who will play part of the set she toured Israel with earlier in the year. To complement the project there will be a number of talks and screenings. Her talk will include rarely seen archive footage, not to be missed! Doors open from 8pm.

Specially made food courtsey chef de partie Moniker Stalder, all welcome! Organized by Sam Porritt and Stefan Wagner. Is everything going to be alright?

The galleries that participate have to be younger than 5 years old and the artists they show, younger than The screening will be followed by a discussion of the yearly ritual of art fairs in Basel and how they influence the rest of the year. Rebel L Rebel L vs. The publication contains texts dealing with the materiality of language and its letters — as do the installations, sculptures, prints in the show.

But how effective and interesting were the exhibitions themselves? Olga Stefan will be discussing the artwork and curatorial approach at two of this year's major international exhibitions, The Paris Triennale and Manifesta. Through slide show presentations of both shows, Olga will offer her take on what worked and what didn't.

Ricardo Rangel is regarded as the doyen of Mozambican photography and is one of the leading photo reporters in Africa in the second half of the 20th century. He belongs to a tradition of documentary photographery which is close to the approach of the Magnum photographers. He always had any critical attitude towards the Portuguese colonial regime, and this led to conflicts with the censorship authorities and to emprisonment. After independence in he made a major contribution to the construction of the new socialist state, while maintaining his critical distance to the establishment.

The film shows sequences from with Ricardo Rangel at the time of the opening of the exhibition Iluminando Vidas. Pomar is a respected Portuguese art critic and journalist who lives in Lisbon. Read more about Ricardo Rangel and watch trailer. With a short introduction by Bruno Z'Graggen. Kunst und Person fliessen auf einmalige Weise zusammen, diese wechselseitigen Bewegungen nimmt der Film auf.

Laufzeit: Minuten Sprache: Deutsch.

Special Guest: Fork Burke. Post-Fordism, Percarity and the Labor of Art". Below you will find the exact titles and if you follow the link, the corresponding.

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The result of globalisation is that the romantic idea of cultural origins or local roots has more or less lost every meaning. It is in that sense that locality becomes interesting : to produce international artistic work that creates an interactive relationship with and questions a local context or to stimulate local artists to overcome the little box thinking by trying out new formats. Belluard Bollwerk International is an arts festival that since takes place every year at the beginning of the summer in Fribourg.

It has a history of having its own vision on actual art and society and producing and showing work of local and international artists in a convivial context.