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Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Uploaded by Peter Prevos. Document Information click to expand document information Description: When people watch a magician create illusions, the question that is most pressing on their minds is: how did he do it?.

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This is not the only question that can be asked of a magic performance. A psychologist might ask why it is possible that the mind can be deceived, occupational therapists are interested in how performing magic tricks can help people with physical disabilities and sociologists research the subculture of magicians. This book explores the questions that scholars from different fields of science have asked about the performances of magicians. For magicians this book provides new perspectives on their performance art.

Mesopotamian Magic: Textual, Historical and Interpretative Perspectives | brill

Date uploaded Feb 21, Did you find this document useful? Heeding their advice, I attended university and studied architecture. Not perturbed by this third disappointment, I eventually became a civil engineer.

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I worked on projects around the world, building structures, islands, harbours, bridges, and pipelines. Early in my technical career, however, I decided not to be technically minded enough to be an engineer. I subsequently studied philosophy and a PhD in management. In my professional life, I now manage the data science team for a water utility in regional Australia.

Alan Davies: The Magic of Houdini

My aspiration is to become the Willy Wonka of the water industry. My interest in magic tricks and philosophy has never waned. I write books and articles about data science, management, culture, science and magic. Peter self-publishes under the imprint of Third Hemisphere Publishing. Dr Peter Prevos water engineer, social scientist and magician.

Horizon of Reason Exploring the Limits of Rationality. Magic Perspectives Quintessence of Conjuring. Prevos, P. R for Water Professionals.

Third Hemisphere. Finnish water services: experiences in global perspective. Australasian Journal of Environmental Management , 1—2. Tasting water to improve customer outcomes.

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