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I highly recommend Maura for any speaking engagement. Your organization will be the better for it. Amy O'Hara. Maura Sweeney is a global speaker, relating with equal ease to audiences of educators, business people, youth and dignitaries of diverse cultures and nationalities. I have personally seen Maura present on at least five occasions. The title Ambassador of Happiness is a charismatic title, and Maura truly embodies the charisma that it implies. Maura has captured the essence of happiness.

She takes that universal desire and employs insightful questions and relatable, personal stories to help others. Amy Bryant. Maura Sweeney is character of class and integrity. She's a well-rounded, seasoned business professional who understands and relates well to a broad range of people. She can break down complex challenges and topics with poise and grace while identifying equitable solutions. She's patient on the outside, determined on the inside.

People of all walks of life trust and respect her. Her energy and passion is genuine and contagious. I've known Maura for 28 years and am honored to call her a friend.

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Ben Marini. Maura combines compassion with good-humored provocation to achieve that most desirable of outcomes: critical thinking. Her presentation is applicable to young and old.

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You leave the room feeling better about yourself, but also challenged and fulfilled. Walter Andrusyszyn. Retired Director. Maura has a Gift of Communicating with people and sharing her knowledge!!! You hear her speak one time and you will find yourself inviting and bring friends along to her next presentation.

I don't think I need to say anymore attend once and you will see for yourself. Bill DeClemente. As President of the USF Model United Nations organization, one of my goals is to find a speaker who not only has a global vision, but that can inspire young children to strive for greatness.

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Maura Sweeney did just that. Her ability to inspire everyone in the crowd, right before the conference, got our event started on the right foot. The confidence the children had after her speech made the conference better then expected. I would recommend Maura to anyone seeking an inspirational speaker. Samuel Rutherford Armes. They were a delight to interview and they gave our audience great information and shared wonderful insights.

We would recommend Maura to anyone looking for an inspired and inspirational speaker that provides real world ideas.

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Catherine Cohen. I have been in association with Maura for some time now and she is definitely someone I trust to provide reliable advice. I even asked her to join our Creative Magic Network at fredericbye. She is not only uplifting, but she is also dedicated in helping people get happy.

I recommend Maura wholeheartedly to anyone looking to improve their lives. Frederic Bye. She delighted us with stories of her travels around the world. It was an adventure for all of us. We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with Maura the Explorer. Cindy Dominick. Information Technology and Social Media. Tampa Bay Women in Tourism. She is more than fabulous as a presenter and person. The participants were highly engaged and interested in the positive message she shared.

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Additionally, we enjoyed her so much, she has be invited to speak again. She is fun, personable, and encouraging. June Hall. APTacious Conference. Maura energizes with dynamic, thought provoking and inspiring messages.


She surpassed my expectations and I highly recommend her to other colleges and universities. Gladys Nunamaker. Accounting Support Specialist. Believe in yourself and the pursuit of high ideals. Over time, you will grow into strong rocks of gold and tall pillars that others can look to excel''- said Mrs. Lulzim Hasani. I had a great time with Maura in Belgrade at two speaking functions during last December. More than a hundred students at Metropolitan University enjoyed Maura's inspirational speech.

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Some of them spoke to her in a vivid atmosphere after her speech and they continue to dialogue with her online. Serbian business women who participated in Maura's presentation were happy to listen to her life journey and storytelling.

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Maura is impressive and inspiring and I look forward to her visiting again soon. Tatjana Mamula Nikolic.


Executive Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Researcher. Maura has an incredible talent , she cheers students up and help them move discouragement into visions for a better future. It is important to understand english to get the best of her many positive statements. Maya Egger.

Nouvel Est. Maura took the time to meet with employees before the workshop to understand what our culture is all about. She did her homework! Maura energized the room. So many employees were thrilled to have participated in the workshop and were going to make changes to how they view their positions and knew they were stronger already!

Behiye Tapan-Chettri. October My organization had the wonderful pleasure of having the Ambassador of Happiness Maura Sweeney speak to my department monthly meeting. From the moment, she introduced herself to her final words, Maura was full of energy, engaging, and very thought provoking.

I have many introverts in my department that do not like to raise their hands or ask questions, Maura was able to get those employees answering questions and leading the conversations at times. That was amazing feat and very rewarding for all of us. Maura even took the time to stay and have lunch with all of us which added even more value to having her that day.

All of us left feeling better enjoyed meeting Maura.