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With several days to mull it over, removed from the heat of the moment, did he apologize? His parents hired a PR firm to write a false account of the face-off, justifying his behavior in a perplexing and convoluted argument that alluded to principles of civil disobedience, multicultural appreciation, and nostalgia for high school pep rallies.

It suggests his actions were — of all things — respectful.

  1. "What's the world for you if you can't make it up the way you want.".
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Lots of public personalities had ugly and even violent things to say to them. And Sandmann himself learned the lesson well. The Today show gave him another chance. Actually, Sandmann might have more accurately described his Today show interview as unchosen. The pressure to double-down is a powerful social force, exemplified time and again by some of the most prominent and vocal public figures in conservative America—led, of course, by the president of the United States.

In the case of the Covington kids, this philosophy was bulwarked by the most influential voices in their lives: their church leaders and their own parents. Why the rush to apologize for criticizing the kids? If the videos had cleared them, it would make sense. But Sandmann gave no ground. That same week, Sen. Joni Ernst R-Iowa told Bloomberg she had been raped in college and that her ex-husband physically abused her.

And I was not ready.

Marcus Johansson calls Brad Marchand hit "water under the bridge" after apology | NBC Sports Boston

I was so humiliated. Ernst privately understood this testimony mirrored her own experience. Survivors threw their support behind Ernst, as they should. In contrast to Ernst now, we have Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, who has not apologized for the recent accusation of sexual assault against him, which dates to But right-wing media has been predictably quick to whatabrett it.


Republicans backed him, though, and through the sheer force of political math he won out. Indeed, somehow distressed rape victims and their supporters became the aggressors in this story. This behavior is baffling, unconscionable, and socially disruptive. The phenomenon extends much further than these examples, of course. When we commit to whatever non-reality is most convenient for our self-interest, we change the way we see the world and our roles in and responsibilities to it. And that changes the way we see each other. You get more in the deal: more credibility, more honor, more self-respect.


You create room to grow. People will feel comfortable and motivated to apologize to you. Apologies strengthen our social bonds as we trust each other again after a rift.

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  • Instead of shoring up the trust of others, we squander it. Trust makes a functional society possible. If you wonder why we seem suddenly in danger of utter dysfunction, this is the heart of it. Of course — or so I naively believe — this attitude might defeat itself. Ironically, that trust is built on lies. But the repressed guilt of this all will one day eat you alive — as I imagine will happen to Ralph Northam, Brett Kavanaugh, Richard Spencer, the Sandmanns, and all the rest— and the stubbornness of the truth will override phantasmagoric tribal unity.

    The problem, though: When it does, you might not know it. You really, truly, genuinely might not recognize the difference the between a smirk and a smile. Sign in. Get started. The Death of The Apology.

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    Roger Sollenberger Follow. He actually apologized: That photo and the racist and offensive attitudes it represent does not reflect that person I am today or the way that I have conducted myself as a soldier, a doctor and a public servant.

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