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Important Links. Follow Us. App Download. US UK. Thank you for subscribing! Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Our Stores. Results for - ost. All the latest offers delivered right to your inbox! First and foremost, I would like to thank the Presidency for all the hard work it has done on the Data Protection Reform. The Presidency has also dealt with another 17 articles of the Directive.

The Commission strongly supports the Presidency's decision to move forward on both instruments - the Regulation and the Directive — as a package. This approach is also supported by the European Parliament.

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Political discussions such as the one we will have today are the way to keep up the momentum, guiding the work of our experts. There are two issues to be discussed today: the risk-based approach and flexibility for public sector. Both topics were addressed in general terms at our meeting in December. Today, we roll up our sleeves and get into the detail.

Publications for year 2014

Our meeting is all about making sure our rules work in practice. I have always argued that these objectives are complementary.

It is in this spirit that I will answer the Presidency's questions. I will begin with the risk-based approach. The Presidency proposes to go further in this direction. First, the purpose of the Regulation is to maintain the high level of protection of the Directive while taking into account changes in technology and business over the past 18 years. Let me apply this principle to pseudonymous data. The current law, the Directive, includes a very broad definition of personal data.

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  • The definition of personal data the Commission has proposed maintains this breadth. A narrow definition, which would mean that some data protected in the past would no longer be covered in the future is out of the question. Dear colleagues, you know what this means. And I am a sure that we all will want to avoid such a conflictual situation between the institutions. Anonymous data is easy to deal with. It is outside the scope of the instrument. There is no risk. Pseudonymous data is more difficult.


    I understand the principle. The inclusion of a notion of pseudonymous data has also been suggested by the European Parliament's Rapporteur, Jan-Philipp Albrecht. This demonstrates that there is convergence between the Council and the Parliament on key elements of this file. Risks to privacy remain and are real. A single piece of data such as an email address can create a link between a very accurate profile and a person. It is particularly important to keep this in mind since pseudonymous data is often used in the health sector.

    So I am happy to work on the notion of pseudonymous data but I will be vigilant. There are 23 million in Europe. They represent two thirds of private sector employment.

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    The Industry committee of the Parliament and its Rapporteur Sean Kelly have proposed to reinforce the exemptions. DPOs are a vital tool in protecting personal data and helping modern firms comply with data protection rules. Alan asks us whether their appointment should be compulsory or optional for companies. Views will differ. In addition, the DPO can be full or part-time, employee or external advisor.

    There is no obligation to create a new position. The Confederation of European Data Protection Organisations has explicitly welcomed this flexibility. It is only in cases where there is a high degree of risk that the prior consultation of the supervisory authority is necessary. For me consultation should be the exception, not the rule.

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    • Europas trojanisches Pferd by Barry Eichengreen - Project Syndicate.
    • I agree with the Presidency that in the special cases where prior consultation is required we should agree on rules to make sure that it does not block processing activities endlessly. Supervisory authorities should be fully informed and consulted early on. In return they should be obliged to react quickly. Approved codes of conduct and approved certification mechanisms can play an important role in shaping best practices and in reducing risks for individuals.

      They can reduce administrative formalities. There are two conditions however: first, codes of conduct and certifications have to be in line with the standards of the Regulation. Second, supervisory authorities should remain competent for monitoring their application. The second theme of today's discussion is flexibility for the public sector.

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      The Presidency paper confirms the key point I made to you all in December: there is already considerable flexibility with the Regulation. At that meeting, I asked you to tell me which specific provisions are a problem. I committed to finding solutions within the Regulation point by point.

      Since December, I have had extremely constructive discussions with colleagues. I am grateful for this. I am confident that we will find good solutions within the Regulation for the public sector. To conclude I wish to reiterate that I will provide my full support to the Irish Presidency with a view to making decisive progress on this file. It is an extremely important topic, one that deserves to be debated across Europe. We should work together with Rapporteur Albrecht to make sure that the value of our reform is properly understood.

      The Polish Government has launched such a discussion and I welcome its initiative. There are difficult discussions ahead of us. I know of the concerns of some colleagues on the one stop shop, of others on the consistency mechanism. I will continue to work with you to find good solutions on each of these points. That is what today's discussion is about. I look forward to hearing your views. Left navigation.