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A young woman leaves her home on an island off the coast of Kenya for the Far East where she discovers friends, enemies and love. By Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor. Available March 12 from Knopf. A young Dutch girl is sent to a bitter aristocrat to train as a fencer, only to fall in love with him.

By Marente de Moor. Translated from the Dutch by David Doherty. Available August 6 from World Editions. A fable of environmentalist ideals pitted against the realities of local politics and global consumer culture. By Moacyr Scliar. Translated from the Portuguese by Malcolm K.

Available August 8 from University of Massachusetts Press. By Dasa Drndic. Translated from the Croatian by Celia Hawkesworth.

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A writer obsessively works on improving his own handwriting in search of ways to understand and improve himself. By Mario Levrero. Translated from the Spanish by Annie McDermott. Available May 21 from Coffee House Press. After the sudden death of their parents, three siblings struggle to recover the family they once were. By Benedict Wells. Translated from the German by Charlotte Collins. An allegorical noir history of the relationship between Mexico and the United States. By David Toscana. Translated from the Spanish by David William Foster.

An art teacher visits the exhibit of a celebrated former student, posing for the student in the nude and leading the two to reflect on their lives. By Jean-Philippe Blondel. Available June 4 from New Vessel Press. The daughter of the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan grapples with their relationship. By Sibylle Lacan. Translated from the French by Adrian Nathan West. An argument that the world today is a battlefield under the sway of a global governance that has replaced the rule of law, utilizing surveillance and control instead.

Translated from the Spanish by Joshua Neuhouser. The author charts how she and fellow astrophysicists pinpointed Earth's precise location in the universe.

Le Printemps c'est aussi

Translated from the French by Nikki Kopelman. Ten stories exploring how ordinary people have been left behind in an increasingly urbanized and fragmented world. By Ha Seong-nan. Translated from the Korean by Janet Hong. Available April 23 from Open Letter Books. By Christine Wunnicke.

Translated from the German by Philip Boehm. Available April 9 from Other Press. A man finds himself trapped in a wardrobe and begins to serve as an invisible butler to the unknowing household it is delivered to. Available August 27 from Bellevue Literary Press. A year-old girl must leave the family that raised her to live with her birth family, a chaotic group that seems anything but welcoming. By Donatella Di Pietrantonio. Available July 2 from Europa. By Christos Ikonomou. Translated from the Greek by Karen Emmerich. Available March 12 from Archipelago. By Sergei Lebedev. Translated from the Russian by Antonina W.

Available March 19 from New Vessel Press.

Sports From South Korea to Washington, D.C.

By Leonardo Padura. Translated from the Spanish by Peter Bush.

Available June 16 from Bitter Lemon Press. By Jonas Bonnier. Translated from the Swedish by Alice Menzies. Available May 28 from Other Press. A new biography of one of the most important playwrights of the 19th century. By Ivo de Figueiredo. Translated from the Norwegian by Robert Ferguson. Available April 2 from Yale University Press. A satirical novel in which the protagonist finds career success after discovering the first documented professional female artist, only to realize that the "discovery" was the result of two pages stuck together. By Sigrun Palsdottir. Translated from the Icelandic by Lytton Smith.

Available July 23 from Open Letter Books.

Emmanuel Levinas

A writer obsessed with American cinema embarks on a journey that takes him from New York to a lake in Italy. By Yannick Haenel. Translated from the French by Teresa Fagan. Available April 2 from Other Press. A debut novel that chronicles the fall of Rhodesia through the early days of Zimbabwe.

By Novuyo Rosa Tshuma. This mix of reportage, essay and personal reflection attempts to reckon with the massacre of Chinese immigrants in Mexico. Translated from the Spanish by Christina MacSweeney. Offerts en noir ou argent. Offert en noir seulement. Ils sont offert en noir ou argent. Voici le caisson de grave haute performance E de JL Audio. Finition noir, argent ou deux tons. Pour agrandir, cliquez sur les images. Aussi disponible en blanc. Comme les autres produits de la gamme QRT , les avantages sont cumulatifs.

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